0.4mm Nozzle All-Metal J-head E3D Extrusion Assembled Kit 1.75mm 3mm Two Distance

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0.4mm Nozzle All-Metal J-head E3D Extrusion Assembled Kit 1.75mm 3mm Two Distance

The Bowden principle:

The Bowden cable lets you reduce the moving mass of the extruder and thus allowing faster controlled motion, less shaking of your machine, less energy use and importantly: faster printing! Normally the mechanism that drives the filament into the hot end (where it melts) is directly on top of the extruder. This creates problems of balance and oscillations with faster motion which you can see in your printing results and hear and feel when your machine is shaking.
If the filament drive mechanism is placed on a non-moving part of the 3D printer, it can be pushed into a tube. PTFE (Teflon) is useful because it is slippery: it has little friction with the plastic. This limits wear and loss of energy. The tube's other end is connected to the extruder's hot-end.


Material: Metal
Weight: 80g
Extrusion nozzle: 0.4mm
Print Material: 3.0mm and 1.75mm consumables (materials, including: ABS, PLA, pvc, wood, etc.).
Heating tube: Default voltage 12V
Heating tube / Thermocouple: 12V thermocouple / thermistor, Note: CSTC heating tube is 40W. Maximum heating temperature sensitive resistor is 260 degrees. The thermal galvanic temperatures can over 300 degrees.

J-HEAD extrusion Kit Specifications:

Short distance extrusion kit, long distance extrusion Kit (Note: All of the short-range and long-range heat pipe, internal is 1.75mm or 3.0mm, the size is decision by the pipework, feed port is 3.2mm.)

Improved advantages:

Added copper sleeve in the thermistor make it more accurate temperature control and resolve the problems of fix thermistor and easily damaged.
Heat pipes using the long and the short distance, for the different of DIY enthusiasts, as long as change pipes to achieved different sizes of material.


This version is not included the heat wire!!
Suitable for J-head / E3D structure (if there is DIY enthusiasts can also be used in repra, MK, the UK structure), this product is 1.75mm or 3.0mm (not included) consumables for 3D printer, pipes uses new structure, add Teflon tube that make the material in the process of extrusion can solve the problem of discharging heated, therefore it belongs to the latest structure of extrusion head.

There are two kind of distance for you to choose, Long distance and Short distance, please select one you need.

Package included:

1 x 0.4mm nozzle assembled J-head hotend


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0.4mm Nozzle All-Metal J-head E3D Extrusion Assembled Kit 1.75mm 3mm Two Distance

0.4mm Nozzle All-Metal J-head E3D Extrusion Assembled Kit 1.75mm 3mm Two Distance